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Ethically bred – You’re supporting the CODE OF ETHICS of which WE stand by.

Accountability – Registered Breeders are held accountable for the dog they breed by both ANKC bodies and their fellow Registered Breeder peers.

Predictability – Pedigree dogs have a more predictable nature, coat and type as they have been bred for 100s of years this way.

Research – ANKC Registered breeders have access to the latest health research associated with their breed. The “cross-bred vigour” is no longer relevant.

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Spaying and neutering are major surgeries that permanently remove important organs, yet most pet owners agree to the procedure. Is that always the best choice? Head to our website and learn about the pro & the cons using the latest scientific studies what is easy and simple to read. The article was written by Puppy Culture
Below is a list of items that we believe are a must-have for any miniature smooth dachshund owner. I will provide all…
Dachshunds tend to be a very sociable and outgoing breed, and if properly raised and socialized, will generally get along well with…
How well a dachshund gets along with children depends on three things: the temperament of the dog, how the dog is raised,…
Q: What are the consequences of over-exercising a puppy?   He seems to have boundless energy, and generally is the last to…
A dachshund is a working dog with a very strong, wilful personality.  It takes an owner with an equally determined character to…
Dachshunds can be notoriously difficult to house train.  Many tools can be useful in house training, we recommend crate training for this,…
My neighbour has complained about my barking dog. What should I do?
Some basic insights for positive motivations for your pet dachshund.
Sleeping Puppy
Learn the common mistake owners make when toilet training and ensure you success in toilet training your dachshund.
Lysosomal storage diseases of the central nervous system represent a group of disorders which have in common the accumulation of metabolic by-products…
We at AASHUDNA test our dachshunds to ensure health pups from PRA cord1. But what is it?
The purpose of non-competitive Earthdog tests is to offer breeders and owners of small Terriers and Dachshunds a standardized gauge to measure…
Spread through mosquito and flea bites, heartworm is a parasitic infection that disrupts an animal’s circulatory system, eventually leading to life-threatening complications. Treatment can be extensive, but prevention is a simple matter of regular tablets. Though this disease can affect any dog breed anywhere in the country, it is more prevalent in warmer climates where pest populations are higher. By becoming familiar with the disease, its symptoms, and possible treatments, dog owners can take adequate measures to protect their pets and preserve their healthy, active lifestyles.
When you’re looking for a veterinarian, you want someone that you and your Dachshund are comfortable seeing. Here’s a list of things to look for when visiting a potential doggy doctor
Is the Dachshund the right breed for you? Before you proceed further in your quest for the Dachshund of your dreams, think carefully about the pros and cons of Dachshund servitude (because, as you'll soon see, Dachsies own you, not the other way around).
The Hunter, the Digger, the Runner, the Actor, which Dachshund do you have and this is how you train them.
Don’t be confused by the range of vaccines that veterinarians offer there are many vaccinations on the market that have advantages and…
Choosing a Dog Breed to Match Your Temperament and Lifestyle
Each dog has a unique personality which may or may not be typical for the breed, so spend time playing with and observing your prospective pup — and with both parents (the dam and sire) if possible — before making any decisions:
Dachshunds get a pass for being playful, precious and loyal, but the fact is, the lovable weenie dog is considered the most aggressive of all dog breeds. And yes, that includes the oft-maligned pit bull.
2 dachshunds
Story at-a-glance
  • Many dog behavior experts agree it’s a bad idea to bring home a pair of puppies from the same litter
  • “Littermate syndrome” is based on anecdotal evidence that often two siblings adopted together bond intensely with each other, to the exclusion of their human family
  • Puppies with littermate syndrome often suffer from intense separation anxiety when apart; conversely, one of the two may be dangerously aggressive toward the other
  • If you’ve adopted a pair of siblings, there are steps you can take to help them grow into well-socialised, balanced adult dogs
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