Contract of Sale

3. Buyers right to return the puppy/refund

3.01. At BUYER(S) cost. The BUYER(S) shall have 72 hours / 3 days to have the PUPPY examined by a practicing veterinary surgeon and shall have the right during a period not exceeding 20 days after such examination to return the PUPPY because of a life-threatening defect or illness (other than described below (section 3.02) and a written report from the said veterinary surgeon, at which time the BUYER(S) will be refunded the full purchase price of the PUPPY or BUYER(S) can opt for a replacement if available or next litter.

3.02. The BUYER(S) hereby acknowledge(s) that the SELLER has disclosed the following faults or defects in the PUPPY.

3.03. Should it become necessary to return the PUPPY, the BUYER(S) should be aware that the return of a PUPPY can be very difficult, especially emotionally. Having drawn the attention of the BUYER(S) to this, the SELLER cannot be held responsible for any distress caused to the BUYER(S) by the return of the PUPPY to the SELLER.

3.04. Any costs (monies) to return the PUPPY to the SELLER is the responsibility of the BUYER(S).

3.05. In the event, the PUPPY dies within the 72 hours / 3 days before a vet examination is carried out the BUYER(S) must have the deceased PUPPY taken to a vet within 24 hours to have a necropsy performed, during which time the deceased PUPPY must be kept between 2-5 degrees Celsius. If the cause of death is the direct result of a hereditary, breed defect or other serious ailments the BUYER(S) will be refunded the original paid purchase price and the cost of the Necropsy. BUYER(s) will be required to submit the Necropsy report to SELLERS Veterinarian and provide permission to contact BUYERS Veterinarian to discuss the deceased PUPPYS results. If inclusive results are given for PUPPY’S death the SELLER is NOT required to refund the BUYER(S). The SELLER will only cover basic Necropsy any additional laboratory collection for further analysis is at BUYER(S) cost.

3.06. At any time a PUPPY is refused veterinary treatment or BUYER(S) fail to seek veterinary help when signs of illness are present. This will be deemed as neglect by the SELLER and this PUPPY CONTRACT will be void and no refund will be given. The SELLER may report BUYER(S) to appropriate animal protection authorities for further investigation.

3.07. Any Veterinary expenses payable/refundable to the BUYER(S) from the SELLER will not exceed the sale price paid for the PUPPY from the BUYER(S).

3.08. SELLER will not refund or be held liable for freight or travel expenses from the BUYER(S).

3.09. All veterinary expenses outlined in section 3, are the responsibility of the BUYER(S) unless otherwise stated in this PUPPY CONTRACT.