Registered DOGS NSW Breeder of Miniature Dachshunds

Contract of Sale

5. Desexing rebate offer

Sorry we do NOT offer this at this time. (05/17)

5.01. SELLER offers a desexing rebate to BUYER(S) if they choose to have their PUPPY desexed by a practising veterinary surgeon.

5.02. BUYER(S) has until the PUPPY is 6 months old (181 days) from PUPPYS Date of Birth (page 2, Puppy information document), to take up the rebate offer from the SELLER.

5.03. BUYER(S) must provide SELLER a copy of the YELLOW desexing slip with PUPPYS MICROCHIP NUMBER (matching page 2, Puppy information document) and BUYER(S) details.

5.04. BUYER(S) must also provide permission for the SELLER to contact the practising veterinarian on the paperwork provided to confirm legitimacy.

5.05. This REBATE is NOT transferable if the BUYER(S) decides to RESELL or TRANSFER ownership of the PUPPY unless agreed with the SELLER in writing prior.

5.06. The BUYER/S must return DESEXING CLAIM paperwork to be filled out by a practising veterinary surgeon, (ref. page 00, Puppy information document).