Registered DOGS NSW Breeder of Miniature Smooth Dachshunds

Contract of Sale

6. Rehoming of the dog

6.01. Once PUPPY is collected, the BUYER(S) are the legal owner/s of the PUPPY and have every right to RESELL, GIFT, or TRANSFER ownership of the PUPPY.

6.02. The BUYER(S) agree that if, at any stage in the PUPPY’S life, the BUYER(S) needs to rehome the PUPPY, the SELLER will be the first to be informed and the BUYER(S) will, if the SELLER requests, return the PUPPY to the SELLER. The SELLER will offer every reasonable assistance to find a new home.

6.03. IN NO CASE will this PUPPY be turned over to an animal shelter throughout it life unless SELLER is notified prior.

6.04. IN NO CASE is the PUPPY to be resold for puppy milling/farming purposes. (A puppy mill has been defined by one court as “a dog breeding operation in which the health of the dogs is disregarded in order to maintain a low overhead and maximize profits.” Avenson v. Zegart, 577 F. Supp. 958, 960 (D. Minn. 1984)).