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Penrith (Western Sydney)
New South Wales, Australia
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Ethically bred – You’re supporting the CODE OF ETHICS of which WE stand by.

Accountability – Registered Breeders are held accountable for the dog they breed by both ANKC bodies and their fellow Registered Breeder peers.

Predictability – Pedigree dogs have a more predictable nature, coat and type as they have been bred for 100s of years this way.

Research – ANKC Registered breeders have access to the latest health research associated with their breed. The “cross-bred vigour” is no longer relevant.

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Aashudna Miniature Dachshunds.
Penrith, Western Sydney, NSW Australia.


True Breed Type & Conformation

Our miniature smooth dachshunds are soft or course in coat. A classic hound look, pointed muzzle, alert eyes, short legs, apple shaped rears, prominent chest, muscular bodies and of larger type. Our dogs are of sound conformation with excellent temperament and breed type. Our areas of focus, ribbing, shoulders and underline without sacrifice to balance, movement and health.



These are some of the former stars at AASHUDNA miniature dachshunds. They have now retired from breeding and are enjoying the quieter years at home with us or with their new forever homes.


True Breed Type & Conformation

Our current selection of standing sires available at stud


Sires available at stud and other services include, drive-by table studding, AI, inter-state boarding with studding. All subject to availability.

Planning is key

Plan ahead and contact us about 6 months before your bitch is due to come into season. We can arrange the contracts and terms prior and have everything in place.

A follow up call or email once the bitch starts showing signs of a season approaching near.

Once your bitch comes into season we make flight or travel arrangements for bitches saying with us. Allow plenty of time for her to settle in before the mating occurs. If your choosing a drive by mating, you may choose to have progesterone testing to know when she is near her mating date. This may require 1 to 3 blood tests but if it saves you time and travel it is well worth the extra spend. If you already know your dogs 'ready date' we can preplan mating dates in advance.


Health issues in miniature dachshunds are of top priority and importance within our kennel. All Aashudna miniature dachshunds are screened and TESTED for genetic disease which are offered by our chosen genetic services provider and prior to them being used in our breeding program or OFFERED for stud.

Approved bitches must:

  • be registered with a Mains ANKC pedigree – M/C will be scanned and check to confirm the pedigree.
  • be in prime health, even temperament and sound confirmation, with no major structural faults or bad teeth.
  • be over 12 months of age on the date of mating.
  • not have whelped no more than 1 litter in the last 16 months at time of mating.
  • have a veterinary letter of approval prior to mating if the bitch has had 2 litters in the last 22 months at time of mating.
  • be owned by a  Prefix holder or current leasees which is in place at time of mating to occur.
  • be owned by current member of an ANKC body.

We recommend the following:

  • maiden bitches mated after 2 years of age and no older than 4 years of age.
  • that the intended mated bitch have the following DNA profile to include.
    • PRA cord 1
    • E-locus test – I do not recommend breeding studs dogs with ‘Ee’ ‘ee’ known as ‘clear’ gene.
  •  at the start of season or 5 days prior to mating have a veterinarian conduct a B.H.S. &  E-coli swab testing. This can assist with embryonic process of implantation, prevent pregnancy loss / absorption, fading puppy syndrome.


Becoming a top quality dachshund breeder doesn’t happen overnight. Nor, does it mean you have an interest in breeding your dachshund ‘just for fun’.

A successful breeder is one who knows the virtues and faults of all the dogs in a pedigree for 3 generations. The breeder must have the judgment to pick the best puppies and the willingness to eliminate the breeding stock of all defective or substandard specimens.

We feed Royal Canin for best results

Members of The Dachshund Club of NSW inc

Supporter & Registered ANKC Breeder

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Pedigree Miniature Dachshunds

Our sires and dams are genetically screened


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