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Don’t be confused by the range of vaccines that veterinarians offer there are many vaccinations on the market that have advantages and disadvantages, including the length of protection and number of treatments required.

The vaccinations below are a summary of the most convenient, cost-effective, and that provide the best level of protection for your pet.

C3 vaccination: Protects against parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis.  

CC vaccination: Protects against the components of canine cough (Bordetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza virus).  

C5 vaccination: Is a combination of C3 + CC and is the minimum requirement for most boarding kennels. We strongly recommend a C5 vaccination for all dogs due to the frequency that we see dogs with canine cough in this area.

C7 vaccination: Is a combination C5 + protects against leptospirosis and canine coronavirus. This vaccine is relevant for those who reside or visit the ‘TopEnd’ of Queensland & Northern Territory, where leptospirosis is prevalent. It is not common elsewhere unless precautions are taken where rodent plagues are prevalent. Canine coronavirus is a non life threating virus.

Vaccination schedule 

Historically, vaccinations for all diseases have been repeated annually. Advancements in vaccine research have led to the registration of triennial vaccines for some diseases. Your dog will be assessed at their annual checkup and given the appropriate vaccine for that year. This assures your dog will not be over-vaccinated and at risk of possible health-related issues with over-vaccinating, but still fully protected.

Recommended vaccination schedule depending on the age of your dog:  

6-8 weeksC5
10-12 weeksC5
1 yearC5
2 yearsCC
3 yearsCC
4 yearsC5
5 yearsCC
6 yearsCC
7 yearsC5
8 yearsCC

Note: this schedule may change depending on your dog’s circumstances. Two weeks after your puppy’s second C5 vaccination, your puppy can go outside and socialise with other dogs who are healthy and up to date with their vaccinations. It pays to be careful in taking your puppy to high-risk environments (for example dog parks) until after their final 16 week vaccination.  

Note:  This advice is general in nature and is not a substitute for a discussion with your veterinarian.

Other acceptable vaccination schedules for puppies. Published by Greyhound Racing NSW.

AgeVaccination Option 1Vaccination
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
6-8 weeksC3 C3 C5 C3 C3
10-16 weeksC4 + Protech bronchisheld oral (live oral BB) C3 + intranasal or oral KC (live parainfluenza + BB) C5 C5 C7
14-16 weeks C5 C7
1 year C5 C5 C5 C5 C7