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Ethically bred – You’re supporting the CODE OF ETHICS of which WE stand by.

Accountability – Registered Breeders are held accountable for the dog they breed by both ANKC bodies and their fellow Registered Breeder peers.

Predictability – Pedigree dogs have a more predictable nature, coat and type as they have been bred for 100s of years this way.

Research – ANKC Registered breeders have access to the latest health research associated with their breed. The “cross-bred vigour” is no longer relevant.

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Miniature Dachshunds Puppies

The dachshund is quite intelligent but he does have a mind of his own. He responds well to training although his innate stubborn streak may sometimes exhibit itself. If you want a challenge – train your Dachshund for obedience work.

A Dachshund is a splendid choice around young children. He is dedicated and protective as well as affectionate and playful. His size, cleanliness and lack of doggy odour are characteristics that please the lady of the house.

Dachshunds are alert watch dogs. Once they know it is expected they will loudly proclaim the approach of a stranger. The Dachshund is easy to love, but he gives much more than he receives. He is courageous to the point of rashness. His delightful antics will provide you with hours of pleasure.

Without any doubt, the Dachshund of any variety will be a clever, playful and lively addition to your household.

If you want to be owned by your dog – buy a Dachshund.

Wanting your own AASHUDNA

Miniature Dachshunds Puppy?

Here is some information about us; behind the ANKC – Dogs NSW prefix ‘AASHUDNA’:

  • Our puppies are raised in our home, in the social area of the house.
  • All puppies are sold with pedigree Dogs NSW limited pedigree papers or Mains upgrade upon request and approval.
  • We genetically health screen all our dachshunds before breeding, litters and before potential sires are even a thought. (PRA, NCL to name a few).
  • All our Dachshunds are routinely vet checked.
  • Our dachshunds are NOT Kennelled, they are pets.
  • We are in it for the long-term, we want to improve and better the breed.
  • We do our best to promote the dachshund (good & bad) to the community and ensure a dachshund is the right-fit for the family.
  • All puppies are sold with pedigree Dogs NSW limited pedigree papers or Mains upgrade upon request and approval.

Interested in a AASHUDNA puppy, complete our expression of interest application form.

Puppy Pricing

Pet Home (Limited Registration)

Any colour or coat type, microchipped and registered on the pet registry, 1st vaccinations, 2kg Royal Canin kibble food. Limited pedigree papers with Dogs NSW with the ability to compete in earthdog and agility trials.

$4000-4500 each

Premium Home (Main Registration)

Available upon request, it will include the same as the pet home plus main pedigree papers with Dogs NSW. This allows the owner the ability to compete in conformation and right to use the dog for breeding and disclosure of information relating to the pedigree history if known.


New Zealand & Overseas
(Main Registration)

Available upon request, export main pedigree papers with Dogs NSW part of the ANKC which is recognised internationally. Price is for the pup / dog only it does not include freight additional blood work, vaccinations not required in Australia or quarantine.

Note: I do NOT sell litters for trade or to Dealers.


Interstate / freight charge

Sydney Metro … $160.00

Coff Harbour …. $420.00

Broken Hill ……. $440.00

Canberra ………. $345.00

Albury ………….. $460.00

Brisbane ……….. $335.00

Rockhampton .. $440.00

Townsville ……. $435.00

Cains …………… $375.00

Hobart A/P …… $355.00

Launceston …… $365.00

Adelaide A/P …. $355.00

Darwin A/P ….. $470.00

Perth A/P …….. $420.00

Dachshund 101

Read Our Puppy Sale Agreement

Learn what is involved to purchase a puppy. What does a puppy include, what assurances are provided, what if we change our mind, when can we take a puppy home, how do we pay for a puppy or what do I do if I get my puppy home and he is sick?

These are all very good questions read here to learn more.

Health Screening

Dachshunds are a relatively healthy breed and do live a long life. As breeders, we are entrusted to ensure the next generation of Dachshunds remain this way, healthy.

Aashudna Miniature Dachshunds are screened and DNA TESTED for genetically testable diseases offered by our genetic services provider and PRIOR to them being used in our BREEDING PROGRAM or offered FOR STUD.

Aashudna Miniature Dachshund PUPPIES are sold ‘clear by parentage’ and the Dams paperwork can be provided to the new owners for reassurance that their PUPPY is not ‘AFFECTED’, from the particular genetic illness.

IVDD back disease

Research in this area is always evolving and new information in how to identify possible at risk dachshunds is something we follow carefully. We have recently taken up back screening of our miniature dachshunds. The results are available on the National Dachshund Council website. We still have a long way to go with reducing the risk of IVDD in the breed, however, each generation is a step in the right direction.


Becoming a top quality dachshund breeder doesn’t happen overnight. Nor, does it mean you have an interest in breeding your dachshund ‘just for fun’.

A successful breeder is one who knows the virtues and faults of all the dogs in a pedigree for 3 generations. The breeder must have the judgment to pick the best puppies and the willingness to eliminate the breeding stock of all defective or substandard specimens.

Supporter & Registered ANKC Breeder

Pedigree Miniature Dachshunds

We feed Royal Canin for best results

Our sires and dams are genetically screened


The owner of 12 Dachshunds. No this isn’t a dream, this is my reality

Aashunda Puppies - AASHUDNA Miniature Dachshunds