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Miniature Smooth Dachshund Puppies, registered breeder with Dogs NSW

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Miniature Dachshunds Puppies

You have come to the right place! For you next companion, ethically bred and given the best possible start to a long joyful journey.

Experienced Breeder

10 plus years preserving the breed and raising beautiful Dachshunds with all the right hallmarks of the breed.

Devoted Attention

All my puppies are raised in the home where they hear the day-to-day household noises.

Selective Breeding

Selecting pairs according to health, pedigree, temperament and type. 

Researched Nutrition

Our puppies are raised on a thoroughly researched balanced diet

Lifetime Support

Life-long support and care, throughout puppyhood, into adulthood, and older age.

aashudna dachshund puppy

The Dachshund

Preservation Breeder

The dachshund is quite intelligent but he does have a mind of his own. He responds well to training although his innate stubborn streak may sometimes exhibit itself. If you want a challenge – train your Dachshund for obedience work.

A Dachshund is a splendid choice around young children. He is dedicated and protective as well as affectionate and playful. His size, cleanliness and lack of doggy odour are characteristics that please the lady of the house.

Dachshunds are alert watch dogs. Once they know it is expected they will loudly proclaim the approach of a stranger.

The Dachshund is easy to love, but he gives much more than he receives. He is courageous to the point of rashness. His delightful antics will provide you with hours of pleasure.

Without any doubt, the Dachshund of any variety will be a clever, playful and lively addition to your household.

If you want to be owned by your dog – buy a Dachshund.

Quick Facts

Here is some information about us:

  • Our Dogs NSW prefix ‘AASHUDNA’.
  • Our puppies are raised in our home, in the social area of the house.
  • All puppies are sold with pedigree Dogs NSW limited pedigree papers or Mains upgrade upon request and approval.
  • We genetically health screen all our adult dachshunds before breeding litters and before potential sires are even a thought. (PRA Cord 1 and SDMD to name a few).
  • All our Dachshunds are routinely vet checked.
  • Our dachshunds are NOT Kennelled, they are family pets.
  • We are in it for the long-term, we want to preserve the breed.
  • We do our best to promote the dachshund (good & bad) to the community and ensure a dachshund is the right-fit for the family.


Interested in an AASHUDNA puppy, complete our expression of interest application form.

Aashudna Hugo
Aashudna Chuck

Pet Home Pricing

(Limited Dogs Australia (ANKC) Registration)

Any colour or coat type, microchipped and registered on the NSW pet registry, 1st vaccinations, 2kg Royal Canin kibble food.

Limited pedigree papers supplied from Dogs Australia’s state body of which you reside with the ability to compete in earthdog and agility trials.

Lifetime support.


Plus transport surcharge $100 to Newcastle A/P or $200 to North Shore Sydney. (Pick up no charge)

Premium Home Pricing

(Mains Dogs Australia (ANKC) Registration)

Limited availability, subject to approval by Dam and Sire owners of the litter. 

This is for Mains pedigree supplied from Dogs Australia’s state body of which you reside with the ability to compete in conformation (Dog Shows) and right to use the dog for breeding and disclosure of information relating to the pedigree history if known. New prospective breeders will be placed on co-owned breeders’ contract.

Note: Show prospects are kept back to 4 – 5 months, therefore the price is reflective.


Price depends on requirements

Aust. Champion Aashudna Mr Kool Kat
Aashudna Ellie Belle

Read Our Puppy Sale Agreement

A must if plan to buy a puppy from Aashudna

Learn what is involved to purchase a puppy. What does a puppy include, what assurances are provided, what if we change our mind, when can we take a puppy home, how do we pay for a puppy, or what do I do if I get my puppy home, and he is sick?

These are all very good questions, follow the link below to learn more.

Behaviour and socialisation

What makes us unquie

Aashudna puppies born and raised inside the home from birth we commence ENS protocol. We make a point of making loud sounds and vacuuming daily around the pups. They are introduced to different textures​,​ surfaces​,​ scents​,​ ramps​,​ toys​,​ dogs​,​ people objects and elements of toilet training are introduced. Aashudna puppies are handled every day. The puppies nails are trimmed and ears are cleaned regularly.

Heather with Puppies 2021

Home environment

More than love required

Aashudna puppies are whelped and raised inside until 5-6 weeks. The Mother (Dam) has free access to puppies at all times. At around 6 weeks puppies are moved to the enclosed patio where they are provided more room,​ and toilet training commences,​ on synthetic grass mats. They are slowly introduced to other dachshunds in the yard outside where they can play under our shady gumtrees.

Sydney, Interstate & Regional Shipping

Please note, these prices are estimates and subject to fuel prices.

When quality matters

Becoming a top quality dachshund breeder doesn’t happen overnight. Nor, does it mean you have an interest in breeding your dachshund ‘just for fun’. A successful breeder is one who knows the virtues and faults of all the dogs in a pedigree for 3 generations. The breeder must have the judgment to pick the best puppies and the willingness to eliminate the breeding stock of all defective or substandard specimens.


What is it and why should I care?

Dogs Australia is the largest and oldest breeding organisation for responsible, professional purebred dog breeders. It was formed in 1949 and has been at the forefront of protecting and promoting the interests of its members and the welfare of all dogs ever since.

Dogs Australia has a state-based representative body in each Australian state, for example, Dogs NSW, Dogs QLD, and Dogs Victoria. Breeders can register with their state body as members and undergo their registered breeder program, which gives breeders a Prefix. Dogs Australia is connected with similar sister associations around the world, including the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom (UK). Dogs Australia is also a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

State laws require all breeders to follow a Code of Practice. Breeders registered with Dogs Australia have to follow an even more thorough Code of Practice & Code of Ethics. If they break the code, an investigation happens. Severe breaches are reported to the authorities, which could result in the breeder’s prefix being taken away along with their membership.

Dogs Australia pedigree papers represent more than just the dog’s ancestry. They also represent ethical breeding practices, such as not breeding dogs too young and too frequently. They also represent careful planning to produce predictable traits and characteristics, such as coat and temperament. This makes it more likely you’ll get a puppy that’s a good fit for your lifestyle.

Back X-Raying Dachshunds

What do backscores REALLY mean?

It is our mission to provide healthy, quality Dachshunds in Australia. We place a strong focus on the prevention of IVDD. We back-score our breeding stock at the age of 2 years old and this has been very successful in helping us keep IVDD at bay