Registered DOGS NSW Breeder of Miniature Dachshunds

The hunter/tracker

Dachshunds were bred to hunt, to track scents, and to follow their quarry — with unwavering persistence and courage beyond their size — until the prize is won. What does this mean for your training?

The digger

Some Dachshunds love to dig more than others, but in general, they all love it — after they discover how fun it is. What does this mean for your training?

Don’t get mad if your Dachshund digs. You can’t argue with instinct, but you can try to teach him what he can dig in and what he can’t. It is important to give his digging an outlet. Try giving him a sandbox as your Dachsie’s very own digging playground. If you seem him digging some place he shouldn’t, pick him up and put him in the sandbox.

The athlete

Dachshunds may have delicate backs, but many are superior athletes. Dachshunds are built to work, not to sit around looking pretty. What does the Dachshund’s natural athletic ability mean to your training?

Athletic as they are, Dachshunds probably shouldn’t engage in certain activities too often. This would include any activity that involves running around sharp corners, jumping or shaking the neck (like in a boisterous game of tug of war).

The actor within

Your Dachsie is a real clown and is happiest when all eyes are on him. He considers himself to be the star of the household, and he likes it that way. What does this mean for your training?