Registered DOGS NSW Breeder of Miniature Dachshunds

What is a conformation show?

A conformation show also referred to as a championship breed show, is where a judge familiar with a specific dog breed evaluates individual purebred dogs for how well the dogs conform to the established breed type for their breed, as described in a breed’s individual breed standard.

Why show dogs?

Many Reasons. Showing is a great way to meet and socialise with people who also love dogs. It’s a picnic-type setting outdoors where you can get dressed up, spend time, and show off your dog. The shows are also useful to breeders as a means of evaluating dogs for breeding purposes. It is also a great way of looking for potential studs. Not all people who show their dogs are breeders.

Can I enter my Dachshund?

Dogs 12 weeks of age or older and MAINS registered with the ANKC are eligible to participate in conformation events, as are spayed and neutered dogs. Dogs are taken into the show ring by their owner or handler who have current membership with Dogs Australia (ANKC) state body, such as DOGS NSW. There are a number of website dedicated to show entries. I would recommend contacting your local breed club or state body and asking for the assistance given your location.

Where does it happen?

Check the Gazette section of your state bodies’ magazine, or online entry sites. Dog shows occur in every state including regional towns and are held typically at a showground.

In Sydney, there are a number of shows held each weekend at the Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills. If a show is on, you can’t miss the 500-1500 dogs there on the day, hounds are in ring 4 (or ring 2).

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